Exhibitor Information

Event Details



Setup: Generally begins 3 hours before the start of any event

Breakdown: Generally begins at the closing hour for 2 hours.

ding is to be done at the rear of the event on 3400 Burnett Tandy avenue. There is no long term parking allowed in this area after unloading. (see parking map for building location &parking).

Registration: Please have the Event Brite registration form/receipt

to check in. A registration packet will be given. The packet includes:

1. Two name badges ( worn at your option)

2. Booth location

3. 20 raffle tickets (vendor should put booth numbers on

ticket prior to asking customer to fill out). Tickets will be

returned to vendor via mail after show to include in their

marketing campaigns. Customers are entering to win various items donated by exhibitors. Tickets can be turned in at staff desk located

within the event. Drawing is hourly.

Will Rogers Memorial Center

Roundup Inn

3400 Burnett Tandy Drive

Fort Worth, TX 76107



Is not included with booth rental. It must be purchased through Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services. The Order form has been attached. Click here to download


If you would like your business card, coupons or samples inserted (FREE of charge), please turn them in at check– in. Up to 500 items( no less than 100) can be inserted. 



Will Rogers Memorial Center and surrounding museums charge $10 for parking to everyone. Those arriving for setup before 7 a.m. maybe able to park free

Parking Map: click for download

The event is located in building labeled #1 on parking map.


Is not included with booth rental. For internet service, there is no need to make arrangements in advance to order this service.  

Wi-Fi service of up to 10Mbps/2Mbps speeds is $9.95 per day or $19.95 per week per device to all Merchants:

o Upon arrival at WRMC, make sure your device Wi-Fi interface (mode) is enabled.

o Search for wireless networks and connect to the network tagged “WRMC” with your device.  

o A splash page will prompt you to sign in with a credit card for a daily ($9.95), weekly ($19.95) or monthly ($49.95) rate.

o Depending on your device, it may not immediately send you to a new internet browser window - if not, just close the existing and re-open a new window.

The system will identify and “remember” your device after payment, and does not require you to re-enter any passcode for the duration of the term you signed up for.  

If you require support while at the event, please contact either Jack Belton, Josh or Brad at the number listed below.

Jack Belton

817-680-7849 - mobile

817-737-3124 - option 2  




There is a concession stand inside of the event venue.


Program Advertising

Each exhibitor and customer will receive a FREE Exhibitor Directory. It will include vendors company name, product description and contact information. The listing is limited to a few lines. For a more detailed listing and/or to showcase products a color ad is suggested.

To invite your family, friends, past or prospective customers click here to download an event flyer that can be emailed or printed.

Looking forward to a fantastic event. See you soon!



Edlen Utlity Order Forms (pdf)


Terms & Conditions (pdf)


Social-Media-Marketing-Strategy-Template (pdf)


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